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I haven’t done much with Raspberry Pi before, and after an underwhelming attempt at controlling stuff over the internet with an Arduino ethernet shield, I decided to do a project to force myself to learn more about using a Pi. The project I went with was setting up an Owncloud Server. Owncloud is basically a free dropbox clone that you can run on your own server. This means that not only do you know exactly where your data is stored, and what security measures are taken to protect it, but you can attach external storage to give yourself terabytes of cloud storage with no huge monthly fee. There are desktop clients for windows, linux, and osx, as well as clients for ios and android. Overall it’s some pretty cool software, and really easy to set up with some basic bash knowledge. I got help from raspberrypi.org as well as projpi.com. I used a RasPi B+, but I would recommend a 2B, because I was constantly maxing out the cpu even at the turbo overclock preset.